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    National Write Your Congressman Awards Randy King The Prestigious Followship Award

    Dallas – Nov. 14, 2016 – National Write Your Congressman (NWYC), an organization 
    that  gives  small  businesses  a  voice  in  American  government,  named  its  regional 
    director Randy  King as recipient  of the 2016 Rodney  Mayes  Followship  Award. The 
    Rodney Mayes Followship Award was established in 2001 and is given annually to an 
    NWYC manager  who  exemplifies  leadership  and  respect  among  their  peers  and 

    The award was first named after George Cates, a longtime NWYC board member, but 
    re-named in honor of Rodney Mayes, the first recipient of the award.

    “The Rodney Mayes Followship Award is given to the team member who advances the 
    principles  of  NWYC  and  helps  lead  his  or  her  community  to  actively  participate  in 
    government. Randy fits  those  requirements  perfectly,” said Randy  Ford  president  of
    NWYC. “Randy consistently  educates  himself  on  leadership,  works  very  hard  for  his 
    people, and is always in tune with their needs.”

    For more than 30 years, King has been a leader within America’s small business and 
    membership-driven  communities.  King  has  authored  11  books  on  business 
    development, leadership, successful entrepreneurship and civic advocacy. King joined 
    NWYC in April 2013 and was promoted to western region manager in January 2016.

    “I  am  honored  to  receive The  Rodney  Mayes  Followship  Award.  My  passion  and 
    dedication  are  aimed toward  all  who  are  working  for  a  better  and  stronger  ‘We  the 
    People’ movement,”  said King.   “I'm  proud  to  be  a leader  among  those  building  that
    movement. The NWYC representatives are on the front lines dedicated to preserving a 
    strong America and encouraging and informing responsible Americans.”

    With more than 28 million small businesses in America accounting for 54 percent of all 
    U.S. sales, small business owner and operators are a strong voice and important part 
    of the U.S. economy. 

    NWYC gives small businesses unbiased, nonpartisan information they need to stay on 
    top of issues most important to them. NWYC informs and connects small businesses 
    owners to  their  representatives  in  Washington  and  gives  them  the  tools  to  let  their 
    opinions be heard.

    Prior to joining NWYC, King was a senior leader with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 
    for  15  years  and  part  of  the  National  Training  Council  with  the  U.S.  Chamber.  While 
    there, he was appointed the National Sr. Director to develop the "Major Metro" project 
    that is still in place today.

    King  is  co-producer  of, an  interactive  site  for  young  Americans  to 
    understand  the  history  of  American heritage, and  has  served  as  a  faculty  member  at 
    one of the top university-based leadership academies in the country, the U.S. Chamber 
    of Commerce Institute of Organizational Management.

    He  holds  the  Institute  for  Organization  Management  designation,  which  provides 
    recognition  of  those  who  completed  the  U.S.  Chamber’s  prestigious  Institute.  In 
    addition, King has consulted with the National Federation of Independent Business and 
    was President/CEO of the tourism-driven Key Largo, FL Chamber of Commerce.

    He is on the advisory council to the CEO of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and 
    Welcome  Home  Troops,  a  non-profit  organization  that  provides  transition  and 
    integration support for American Military Service Members, Veterans and their Families. 
    King is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Institute of 
    Organizational Management.

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