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    National Write Your Congressman Hiring Outside Sales Representatives in Key Battleground States

    Dallas – Nov.  3,  2016 – National  Write  Your  Congressman  (NWYC), an  organization 
    that  gives  small  businesses  a  voice  in  American  government,  is  hiring  outside  sales 
    representatives  in  the  battleground  states  of  Colorado,  Nevada,  New  Hampshire, 
    Virginia,  Pennsylvania,  North  Carolina,  Florida,  Iowa  and  Wisconsin.  As  the  nation’s 
    largest,  privately  held,  nonpartisan  membership  organization  made  up  of  small 
    businesses,  NWYC  is  dedicated  to  the  delivery  of  constituent  information  to 
    representatives in Washington.

    “NWYC  is  looking  for  men  and  women  who  care  about  the  future  of our  country  and 
    who  are  passionate  about  giving  small  business  owners  a  voice  in  American 
    government,”  said  Randy  Ford,  president  of  NWYC.  “NWYC  offers  sales  training  and 
    support as well as competitive incentive and reward programs.”

    NWYC outside sales representatives work to grow NWYC’s membership base in their 
    territory  through  in-person  sales  meetings,  presentations  and  relationship  building. 
    NWYC offers  technology  tools  to  help  sales  representatives  better  serve  current  and 
    prospective  members  through  an  interactive  database  management  program  and 
    electronic appointment setting.

    Programs like NWYC’s Training University and Regional Sales Conferences build skills 
    and encourage idea sharing among outside sales representatives.
    Additional offerings include:

    •  First year income potential: $50,000 to $100,000+
    •  Weekly paycheck
    •  Fast start bonus potential up to $2,500
    •  Weekly bonus opportunities
    •  Mentoring and management career paths
    •  Protected local territory with no overnights
    •  Renewal commissions and multiple bonus opportunities 
    •  Incentive trip and recognition programs including an annual cruise
    •  Unique benefit program

    Since  1958,  NWYC  outside  sales  representatives  have educated  and  involved  small 
    business  owners  to  find  their  voice  in  U.S.  government.  To  apply, email  resumes  to or visit

    more info