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    Universal Background Checks

    With the goal of preventing more gun violence, some in Congress want to expand background checks to include more time while closing the loopholes with private sales.
    Trade / Exports / Imports

    US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement

    President Trump has signed an agreement with Canada and Mexico to replace NAFTA with the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement or USMCA.

    Late Term Abortion

    There is a movement to allow late term abortions across the country. In addition, others in Congress want protection for born alive abortion survivors.
    Labor / Jobs / Pensions

    Minimum Wage

    Congress is considering raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.



    Medicare for All

    Some new members of Congress are pushing to eliminate private healthcare and go to a government controlled Medicare for all plan.

    Green New Deal

    New members in Congress are proposing a Green New Deal. The projected $14 trillion plan would move dependency on fossil fuels to renewable energy in 10 years.

    Border Wall

    Many Americans are concerned about border security and President Trump wants to build a wall to address that issue.
    Public Works / Infrastructure


    President Trump and some members in Congress want a comprehensive infrastructure bill to repair roads and bridges, and to expand existing infrastructure already in place.